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Spätzle Euro Market Café: Shangri-La Mall East Wing

Posted on: June 25, 2013

Shangri-La Mall: One of the places which I haven’t visited for a long, long time. I’ve heard news that they were constructing a new wing, but didn’t know that that part was already open to the public for quite some time. I was able to drop by the place just this past weekend when my family and I went out for our Sunday dinner. We went around the area to check our dining options and decided to try what Spätzle Euro Market Café had to offer.

Spatzle storefront photo Spatzle_zps5aaa630a.jpgIt was my first time to encounter the word “Spätzle” and apparently, it’s a type of egg noodle with a soft texture (read more about it in Wiki).

Spatzle_utensils photo Spatzle_utensils_zpsbffa6603.jpgThis restaurant had this really awesome looking container on each table. That “Hallo” signage won me over. :p

Spatzle_hand sanitizer photo Spatzle_handsanitizer_zpsaa6b8645.jpgThey also had a small spritz bottle of hand sanitizer included. We tried it out and it smelled nice. The scent wasn’t too strong.

Spatzle_citrus cooler photo Spatzle_citruscooler_zpsf039c075.jpgMy brother ordered the Citrus Cooler (Php145.00). This came in a really cute mason jar, which I liked as well.

Spatzle_house iced tea photo Spatzle_houseicedtea_zps7d987345.jpgI was curious to know if their House Iced Tea (Php90.00) was any good, so I decided to order it for myself. It wasn’t like the freshly brewed ones that I love (Hint: It’s the one from my favorite Greek restaurant). This was also such a small serving for its price. They were a bit too generous with the ice cubes, in my opinion, and it weakened the taste of my drink quickly.

Spatzle_bread plate trio photo Spatzle_breadplatetrio_zpsd52254fd.jpgThe first dish to arrive to our table was the Bread Plate Trio (Php195.00). It came with diced tomato and olive oil, hummus and a kind of pâté.

Spatzle_poutine fries photo Spatzle_PoutineFries_zpsc550b00a.jpgFor one of other appetizers, we ordered a serving of Poutine Fries (Php240.00). This dish consisted of fries topped with ground pork, brown gravy and cheese. My brother said that this type of dish is very famous in Canada.

I was really glad that Spätzle used pork instead of beef, allowing me to try this with the rest of the group.  I thought that it was just okay; not a personal favorite.

Spatzle_carbonara (solo) photo Spatzle_CarbonaraSolo_zpse2c234e8.jpgMom ordered a solo serving of Carbonara (Php275.00). She was surprised to see the raw egg on top since she’s not used to having it served that way.  This was just so-so for everyone who were able to sample some of it. It was salty enough, and having spätzle instead of the usual spaghetti was something that made it a little more interesting.

Spatzle_roast chicken sausage with mushroom gravy photo Spatzle_RoastChickenSausageinMushroomSauce_zpsb1dc0473.jpgMy sis-in-law ordered a serving of their Roast Chicken Sausage with Mushroom Sauce (Php295.00). We were surprised to see that the chicken bones were still there; we thought that it was a dish using boneless chicken. The meat was also still a bit uncooked, with blood still found near the bones.

Spatzle_steak bfast photo Spatzle_SteakBfast_zps84159efc.jpgMy brother ordered a serving of the Steak Breakfast (Php595.00), which turned out to be just another average dish. He said that the flavors were all just too safe.

Spatzle_Schweinhaxxe photo Spatzle_Schweinhaxxe_zps9d226468.jpgThe last one to arrive was this serving of Schweinhaxxe (Php650.00). This pork knuckle was served with a hash brown and some lemon,  sauerkraut, horseradish & mustard. The pork knuckle was bland so spreading a little bit of the mustard on the meat was a wise decision. The skin was not crisp and was tough to chew on. The sauerkraut was also a downer. 😦 The only positive thing I could remember about this was that it was served hot.

(In our opinion, if you want to eat something like this, go to the Old Swiss Inn and order their Gnagi. Choose the baked version over the fried one. It’s a lot more satisfying.)

Since we visited this restaurant during its soft opening, we could fully understand why there were still some areas that needed extra attention. We have personally gone through the same situation in managing our business and understand the challenges that take place during this time frame.  They only had a soft opening menu available during our visit, so I’m guessing they might expand and/or take out some items once the soft opening period is over. I’m really hoping that they will be able to experiment a little more.

The restaurant lay-out and ambiance was really nice- this I have to admit. Food presentation was okay. The dishes looked pretty, but I think they still have room for more creativity, just to help make their items become a bit more memorable.

To be honest, their items are expensive; definitely not a place for those who are trying to save up. Again, the serving sizes were way too small for their price tags and none of the items we ordered really stood out. It was kind of hard to justify paying Php2,000+ for that meal. This restaurant might be more suitable for those on a date, where first impressions (and “small” appetites?) matter.

**Planning on trying this restaurant out? You can find Spätzle Euro Market Café at the 5th floor of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s East Wing.


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