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[Malaysia] Sai Woo Restaurant, Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

Posted on: August 10, 2013

I’ve recently arrived home from my week-long trip to Malaysia and am still pretty much exhausted.  I’ve already gone back to handling our family business, but have also managed to sneak in a bit of photo stash editing during my down time so that I could share my adventures with you as soon as I can.  It was my first time to visit Malaysia so there were a lot of new things I was able to experience. Food, of course, has always been one of the reasons why I highly enjoy traveling and will be part of the things I will be writing about.

My flight to Kuala Lumpur from Manila was initially scheduled to leave at 7:50am but was pushed back to 9:15am. Instead of arriving in KL during The Boyfriend’s lunch hour (he’s assigned there for work), we weren’t able to meet up with him until around 2:30 or 3pm. My companions and I had some time to go around the Suria KLCC Mall (the one right next to the well-known Petronas Towers) while The Boyfriend went back to his office to finish his tasks for the day. We bought some groceries and window shopped until it was already way past my (our?) usual dinner time.

When The Boyfriend finally got the chance to clock out, he took us to our first dinner in the famous Jalan Alor, which was just a stone’s throw away from the place where we were staying. Jalan Alor is known to be THE food street of Kuala Lumpur and is said to be very popular with the tourists. Visiting local food streets is something I’m fond of doing since you get to see (and taste) so much in just one area. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to go through all the stalls this time since I was already spent from the entire day’s events. I didn’t mind just being led to Sai Woo Restaurant, where The Boyfriend and his colleagues buy their dinners once in a while. It was a Chinese place, but I wasn’t going to complain; I was already starving.

Sai Woo Restaurant photo RestoranSaiWoosignage_zpsce6b5463.jpg

Jalan Alor_Watermelon Juice photo watermelonjuice_zps0087cc29.jpgThe Boyfriend ordered a glass of Watermelon Juice, and almost everyone followed his lead. Our juices arrived after a few minutes and although there were ice cubes, it wasn’t served cold. I had to swirl the cubes around for a couple of times before I found it to be just right. I was obviously parched when I managed to consume half of my juice even before any of our food arrived. Yes, that’s a rare occurrence; you can ask my friends about that.

Jalan Alor_Thai King Chicken photo ThaiKingChicken_zps0b025a01.jpgWe all let The Boyfriend order the things he thinks we’ll enjoy since he’s already been in Malaysia for several months. One of the dishes he ordered was this serving of Thai King Chicken. It consists of fried chicken chunks, corn kernels and onion slices, tossed in a sweet-spicy sauce. They were all laid on a bed of fried noodles.

I thought this was a pretty decent dish. The chicken chunks were delicious with the sauce and I loved eating the onions slices with my white rice. I don’t have a single doubt that I would be able to eat everything on that plate if I was dining alone. :p

Jalan Alor_Sambal Stingray photo SambalStingray_zpsad9346b5.jpgAaaah…stingray. I was first able to try eating stingray when my high school friends and I were in Puerto Prinsesa a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it then, and I’m glad I still enjoyed having it this time. The version we had in Sai Woo was the Grilled Stingray with Sambal. I’ve always had this idea that sambal was supposed to be REALLY hot, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this and found it to be more salty than spicy. I don’t know if it was just me and my tolerance for spicy food.

Jalan Alor_Salted Egg Squid photo SaltedEggSquid_zps4b4e034c.jpgOne of my favorites during our dinner was this dish called Salted Egg Squid. I’m no fan of salted egg, but this was a real treat. I liked it so much that I already have plans of replicating this dish here at home. :p The Boyfriend later told me that it was also one of his favorites and that he should have ordered a bigger serving since he felt it wasn’t enough for our group of 5 adults.

Jalan Alor_Butter Pork Ribs photo ButterPorkRibs_zpsf148686f.jpgThe last dish to arrive was this serving of Buttered Pork Ribs. This was another one of The Boyfriend’s favorites and one that he wanted me to try. When this was placed on our table, I couldn’t help but notice how fragrant it was. Who could go wrong with fried stuff swimming in a pool of butter, right? I managed to have a piece of the meat and some of the sauce. I found it to be very sticky and sweet. It wasn’t exactly something I’d rave about, but it was still a good dish. I just found the sauce to be a little too sweet for me.

After we managed to finish off everything we ordered, we spent a bit of time looking at some of the things being sold along Jalan Alor. There were preserved/ dried fruits, carts selling silken tofu, herbal drinks, durian (which is immensely popular in Malaysia), grilled chicken wings, etc. There were still a lot of plastic tables and chairs spread along the street, and almost all them were occupied by tourists and locals alike. We ended our dinner pretty late in the evening, and yet the atmosphere along Jalan Alor felt like the night was just starting.

Jalan Alor photo SAM_0516_zpsbb113fa1.jpg

Was it the best place for street food? I honestly can’t answer that. I’ve had very little chance to roam around the rest of Kuala Lumpur and check other food stalls, so I don’t have much to base my decision on. All I know is that  Jalan Alor is a place I wouldn’t mind visiting again when in Malaysia, especially if it means that I could spend another night in that buzzing, rowdy street stall with The Boyfriend, enjoying our little bowls of white rice and our plate of salted egg squid. 🙂

**Sai Woo Restaurant’s address is #55 Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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