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[Malaysia] Seng Kee, Chinatown

Posted on: August 31, 2013

On one of our free days in KL, The Boyfriend decided to bring us to one of the other places he and his friends frequent whenever they’re in KL’s Chinatown. It only took us a five-minute bus ride from Jalan Pudu and a couple of extra minutes of walking  to reach our destination. It was around 10:30am when we arrived and most of the stalls selling items were just about to set their stuff up. People were selling all sorts of things there. Food, bags, wallets, clothes, watches…  You name it, they have it there somewhere. We went around the area for a bit and managed to buy some souvenirs to bring home. A couple of minutes later, we decided it’s time for us to grab something to eat.

Our venue for lunch was called Seng Kee. It was a small, no frills place. We went there before the lunch hour rush so we were able to secure a table with no effort. It took us some time to decide on which items to get, but we were able to narrow them down to the ones which sounded okay.

Seng Kee_menu photo SengKee_zps9b4cf82f.jpg

Seng Kee_condiments photo SengKee_condiments_zps969ce7a0.jpgSeveral condiments are available for diners to use with their meal. That red thing inside the bowl looked like it was spicy, but I noticed that it was salty (almost similar to shrimp paste) when I gave it a try. I have no idea what it was for so I didn’t mix it with any of the stuff we ordered.

Seng Kee_coconut juice 1 photo SengKee_coconutjuice2_zps008c12fd.jpgWe all decided to go with fresh coconut juice for our drinks.

Seng Kee_coconut juice 2 photo SengKee_coconutjuice1_zps0d59783f.jpgHere’s the coconut with the “lid” open. The liquid inside was very clear and tasted sweet. The meat from the coconut I got was too tough, though. The Boyfriend got the more tender one.

Seng Kee_chicken mushroom claypot photo SengKee_chickenmushroomclaypot_zpsaa53cc03.jpgOne of the dishes we ordered was this serving of Chicken and Black Mushroom Claypot. When this was brought to our table, I was honestly a bit disappointed. I thought that what we were going to get was similar to the Claypot Rice I love eating in Hong Kong. I guess I assumed too much. 😛 Anyway, this still tasted okay but I wasn’t really impressed.

Seng Kee_bbq pork photo SengKee_bbqpork_zps80b93ab1.jpgThe Boyfriend also ordered a serving of Pork Ribs. I found the sauce for this a little too sweet for me and decided not to eat much of it.

Seng Kee_prawns photo SengKee_MaSongPrawns_zps880a18a4.jpgThe Boyfriend was really excited to order a certain type of dish but couldn’t remember what it was called. He asked for the Buttered Prawns (shown above) because he thought it sounded like the one that he liked. Unfortunately, he realized that it wasn’t the one he was looking for when this platter was placed on our table. We decided to order a chicken dish which was cooked roughly the same way (didn’t get to take a photo of that one), but it still didn’t turn out to be the one he wanted. 😛

The Buttered Prawns cost us quite a lot at 50 Ringgit for such a small serving. It was nice and buttery, but still not something that I found to be spectacular.

Seng Kee_Thai Fried Grouper photo SengKee_ThaiFriedGrouper_zps682de978.jpgWe also decided to go with a fish dish and ordered this Fried Grouper topped with green mangoes, onions and chili. The sauce used was from the strong Thai influence in the Malaysian food scene. It was sweet, sour and a bit spicy. This was very similar to the catfish salad I always order at Thai restaurants in Manila, so this was good enough for me. I just wished the grouper actually had more meat.

A lot of the locals started coming in when the lunch hour arrived, so I guess this place is pretty popular. There’s a probability that we didn’t get to order the right items on the menu that’s why the meal wasn’t too memorable for me (or maybe for all of us?).


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