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The Café Mediterranean: SM North EDSA

Posted on: October 17, 2013

The parents and I had some free time a few days ago for a quick stop at SM North EDSA. We had a couple of errands to attend to, but decided to have lunch at The Café Mediterranean first. This restaurant is not new; we’ve dined at their Robinson’s Galleria (now closed, if I’m not mistaken) and Powerplant Mall branches several times in the past. We haven’t had a chance to return for quite some time, so getting to try their branch at SM North EDSA was a no-brainer.

Cafe Med photo CafeMed_zpsd42c54be.jpgThe North EDSA branch is quite small with just a few tables for customers. It felt crowded when most of the tables became occupied, and there were several times when some of the servers accidentally kicked my Mom’s chair when they were passing through due to lack of space.

We also felt that there was an upgrade from their old menu. There were more things to choose from. It took us several minutes to go through the menu and selected just a couple of dishes to share among the three of us.

Cafe Med_Greek Salad photo CafeMed_GreekSalad_zpsdcb0355e.jpgDad wanted to try The Café Med’s Greek Salad (Php255.00), which consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, bell peppers and feta cheese. The parents enjoyed this except for the olives, which still had their seeds/stones inside.

Dad also wanted a serving of Wild Mushroom Soup, but we were informed that the last of their soup was already served to another table. Dad was disappointed.

Cafe Med_Moroccan Fish with Regular Pita photo CafeMed_MorrocanFish_zps00a27d22.jpgI didn’t want to eat anything too heavy, so I chose the Moroccan Fish Fillet (Php295.00) with regular pita bread. These were two pieces of fish fillets topped with tomatoes, carrots, onions and olives. The flavors were just okay for me; it had nothing that would make me want to order it again in the future.

Dad and I enjoyed eating the pita with The Café Mediterranean‘s garlic sauce. It’s always been a family favorite and I’m very happy to know that their sauce has not changed over the years.

Cafe Med_Chicken Kebab with Buttered Rice photo CafeMed_ChickenKebabwithButteredRice_zpsbf6c5322.jpgMy Mom had the Chicken Kebab (Php295.00) with Buttered Rice (Php15.00). You can choose something else for your carb, if you wanted to. For example, you can have the regular/wheat pita or basmati instead of the buttered rice (you have to pay extra, depending on what you want). Mom liked most of the things on her plate except for the salad.

Cafe Med_Salmon Pasta photo CafeMed_SalmonPasta_zps1f0f119e.jpgDad decided to go with a serving of their Smoked Salmon Pasta (Php295.00). It’s a cream-based pasta dish with salmon and asparagus, then served with toased bread. Dad thought this was pretty nice, except that the vegetables were too tough to eat. He ended up putting all the veggies aside.

Overall, it was an okay meal. All the items tasted fine, but they definitely had some areas that would need work. We also noticed that most of the servers seemed like they were new/still undergoing training. We felt that they were unsure about most of the things that they were doing. Hopefully, they will be adapt quickly so that the overall service of the restaurant would improve.

**This branch of The Café Mediterranean is located at the 3rd floor of the SM North EDSA‘s main building. Visit their official site here.


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