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Bibimbob by Mr. Kimbob

Posted on: November 1, 2013

When I was studying in Xiamen, I had a Korean classmate who I became close to. She’d invite me to the apartment she shared with her businessman husband and cook up a feast for us to eat. There were times when she’d let me help out in the preparations and teach me the basics of Korean cooking along the way. It’s because of those experiences that I learned to fully appreciate Korean cuisine.

It’s been years since I left Xiamen and sometimes, I get the hankering for Korean cuisine. It used to be so difficult to find Korean restaurants in Manila, but that no longer holds true. I’ve been to several ones over the years and have found gems and really bad ones too. For a quick and cheap Korean fix, my friend Den decided to take me to a local mall’s food court and introduce me to Bibimbob (Bibimbap 비빔밥) by Mr. Kimbob.

Mr. Kimbob_pork bibimbob photo PorkBibimbob_zps8bcc0f59.jpgSince Den was the one more familiar with the dishes from Mr. Kimbob, I asked for her suggestions on what we should get. We decided on ordering one large serving of Pork Bibimbob (Php119.00), which we split between the two of us. This dish was composed of a big serving of rice topped with a fried egg, kimchi and other vegetables, ground pork, and then served with a packet of gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste). You can see the gochujang right there in the middle of our plate. Den mentioned that Mr. Kimbob used to give out unlimited servings of the gochujang, but have changed it to just one packet per order.

Mr. Kimbob_mixed bibimbob photo Mixed_zps4a9e09da.jpgMix them all together and you get this delicious, filling dish to enjoy! This was surprisingly good for something that’s cheaper than most Korean places. It was also good enough for sharing.

A smaller, single serve is also available at Php99.00. You can choose to have chicken, pork or beef bibimbob.

Mr. Kimbob_tukboki photo Tukboki_zps40b706a8.jpgOne of my other favorite Korean items is the tukboki / tteokbokki . I was very happy when I learned that Mr. Kimbob also had this on their menu. This Korean snack is made from rice and fish cakes and is served in a hot plate, smothered with generous amounts of sweet red chili sauce. I wouldn’t say that the serving’s big, but for only Php69.00, I think it was worth its price. This is considering how heavy tukboki is and how much we enjoyed eating it.

I have to admit that I didn’t have high expectations prior to eating there, but I ended up liking the stuff we ordered from Mr. Kimbob. Were their items as good as my friend’s cooking? Not really, but they’re good enough for me to consider ordering from them again in the future.

**Learn a little bit more about this franchise by checking their official website.


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