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Moving to a new address

Posted on: April 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

For those of you who have reading my entries for some time may notice that it’s been several years since I started blogging. Last year, many opportunities came to me through this blog. I decided I’m going to be a lot more active in sharing the things I do. In line with that, I decided to get my own domain and, thus, will be posting my most recent stuff there.

If you’re interested in keeping up with me, please update your bookmarks and follow me at http://www.haveatyou.com. There might be some technical glitches here and there while I’m ironing things out, but I hope you’d still drop by when you have the time. It took me awhile to make the switch and I’m hoping you guys are willing to follow me there. See you at the new site! 🙂

~ Jam (a.k.a. moxy)


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