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We had a 4-day weekend here in Manila last week, and I spent two of those days playing the Xbox 360. I haven’t been able to play anything since early August (when I was addicted to Zumba Fitness for the Kinect :p) so I had to charge all the batteries for the controllers again and allow the console to update its software.

The main reason why I decided to use the Xbox again is because my brothers were asking me to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It took a bit of nudging for me to start playing since I thought it was an FPS – and believe me when I say that I’m not a fan of shooters. I tend to panic when my character’s under fire and I’m really bad with the crosshair. :p

Anyway, my brother assured me that I’ll be able to enjoy XCOM since it was a turn-based strategy game, much like Shadow Watch (the magic words!), so I dove straight in.

And yep, I’m now an XCOM fan.

IMG_20121027_151418.If you’re one of the few people who follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen me upload the image above last week. 🙂 Oh, Dance Central 3 also rocks! The choreography is a little more challenging compared to the first two games from this franchise, but still a whole lot of fun to play.

I’ve also been forcing myself not to play this game right before I head to bed, because I have trouble falling asleep after. I get too consumed thinking about the game that I’m just there, staring at the ceiling, wide awake.

Now you know why you’ll have to excuse me for not being able to post food-related entries. I’ll get back to the food blogging once I finish going through my stash of digital photos. I promise not to get too distracted by the Xbox :p


Hey Sims fans, here’s a little something to look forward to:

Hope everyone has a great week ahead! 🙂

Guess what my brothers and I are so crazy about these days?

Xbox 360 Kinect

It’s the Xbox 360 Kinect! 🙂 Dance Central is giving me such a workout that there’s no need to worry about not getting to run as often as before. 😛 Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking this opportunity to watch my brother have some serious fun with Kinect Adventures. Until the next post! 🙂

Since the release of Sims 3, I’ve been having trouble detaching myself from our computer.  I’ve already made two households, one for each of the two towns I have in the game.  I primarily play the family I have in Riverview as part of my ongoing Sims story.  Not a lot of people know that one of the reasons I love playing the Sims series is because I make up stories involving the Sims I create.

Now, I’m not going to continue talking about my amateur attempts on Sims storytelling, and would rather introduce to you one of the best Sims 3 stories I’ve read on the net.  It’s entitled Alice and Kev and was made by a Games Design student in the UK named Robin Burkinshaw.  The story focuses on the lives of Kev and his daughter Alice, both of whom are homeless and struggling to go through their daily lives.

Alice and Kev is very popular among the Sims community and was even featured in the Sims 3 news section.  It’s really very well written and there will be a number of times when the story will touch your heart.  I suggest you try reading it yourselves.  Click here to go to the site. 🙂

It’s here!

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Look at what I received yesterday:

Sims3 Collector's Edition

Neat, huh?

I’ve been waiting for the release of Sims 3 since it was announced last year and I tried very hard to contain my excitement when my brother, Pointyman, called me up yesterday afternoon and told me that our pre-ordered copy was already in his hands!  As of now, we’ve already installed and registered the game, downloaded all the freebies that came along with the pre-ordered Collector’s Edition and have already tried our hand at the CAS (Create a Sim).  My head is swimming with ideas right now and I’m enjoying creating a Sim too much to actually explore the game itself, but will probably get on it later today. I’ll try to get back to you guys once I manage to distract myself from playing Sims3.  Until then, I suggest you grab yourselves an original copy of the game too! 🙂

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