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Received a gift from The Boyfriend’s sister when she came home from a couple of months’ stint in Canada:


La Senza’s Body Kiss moisture double mist! Smells incredibly yummy and the packaging is something I love too much that I don’t think I have enough words to use to describe it! ♥ You should have seen how my face lit up when this was handed to me on our way home from the mall. 😛

Thank you, Cherry. 😀



Wore these pretty gray ballet flats to work today and got a lot of compliments! These are from Shoebox. I happen to love their footwear since they’re comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit. I overused one of my older pairs and ended up having to throw it away since it was tattered and broken beyond repair. 😦

I am hoping that Shoebox decides to make larger sizes soon though; my feet are still getting bigger and I’m afraid I will no longer be able to buy their closed shoes if this continues. That’s going to be such a shame! 😦

Shoebox_gray flats

Shoebox_gray flats details

love the details on this pair! ♥


Just heard from my dad that my Aunt’s about to ship the stash of assorted magazines from Los Angeles to Manila! ♥ I’m so excited to get my hands on those! 🙂 Thanks Sam-ku! 🙂 and super thanks for sending us this box of chocolate truffles too!

truffles1 kilo of goodness! 🙂

When I was at one of our office’s other sites yesterday, I got to spend a bit of time with my amazing partner-in-crime, Dulz. Thanks dear for giving me these when I was looking for candies. 🙂 Spearmint!!! 🙂

Wrigley's Doublemint Spearmint

We went to Bonifacio High Street at Taguig yesterday with no real purpose in mind but to walk around, check if Last Night on Earth the board game is available in Hobbes and Landes, and enjoy the view of dogs running around. The Boyfriend remembered one of his friends telling him that a sale was going on at the 3rd level of the building where Dimensione was housed so we trooped over to see what were being put on sale. I was thinking that items which were on sale were probably brands from the same group who handled Dimensione and yep, I was right.

Upon reaching the third floor, the first thing that caught my eye were the tables where a seemingly endless selection of shoes from Charles & Keith, Aldo, LYN, and T were on sale. Note that they were still slashing 50% off the prices which were already lowered before, so think Shoe Heaven.  I’ve already seen some of the shoes in the stores before when they still had their original prices, but there was still no need to buy a new pair of shoes then so I didn’t get them. This time, however, I have an important event to attend soon and when I saw all those beautiful designs available in my size (I wear a size 10 or 10.5 depending on the style) and on sale, I was ecstatic! 🙂  Here’s a peek at the newest additions to my growing shoe collection:

Charles and Keith bronzeBrand: Charles & Keith; Color: Bronze

Original price was Php1,799 and I got it for Php199.50 (no damages, brand new).

Charles & Keith in taupeBrand: Charles & Keith; Color: Taupe

Original price was also Php1,799 and I got it for Php599.50 yesterday (no damages, brand new).

I successfully restrained myself from getting other pairs which caught my fancy (I believe I still had 3 pairs in mind) and decided to purchase a top from Kashieca, which was being sold at Php132.25, and a perfume from Bench for my mom. I honestly have plans of returning and seeing what else will be brought out since the sale will still be ongoing until the 9th of January. 🙂 Hurry, friends, if you wish to see what gems you can bring home! By the way, other brands on sale include La Senza, Bench, Fox, Adidas and Kashieca.

***I’ll update this post when I get the other photos from The Boyfriend’s camera. 🙂 Here are some additional shots courtesy of The Boyfriend’s camera:

Suyen Corp Sale 02.Jan.2011Gotta love the area where there are signs which say “Up to 50% off more on top of the existing sale price” ♥

Charles & Keith gray 1Here’s a photo of the shoe which we dubbed as “The One That Got Away” hehe. 🙂 I really wanted this but they were all out except for a Size 37 and 39.

Charles & Keith gray 2Here’s another shot showing the ruffles and the heel. It’s also from Charles & Keith. Whoever managed to buy the Size 40 of this pair is soooo lucky!! 🙂

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now and yeah, I know it’s late and it’s my fault because I’ve been lazy. 😛 I was supposed to write this first before using the bag for my birthday dinner celebration but ended up debuting it first before writing about it. But like what they say: “It’s better late than never” so here goes!

The Boyfriend and I went to the Seoularis Bazaar held at the SMX Convention Center last December 4 and 5.  Our main purpose was to look for gifts and while I successfully spotted some finds for a couple of friends, I also managed to score this bag for myself from one of the stalls:

double flap bag in black/grey

It’s a double flap bag in black and gray which I went psycho over. I almost missed seeing it from the racks, but when I stopped to look at the trousers for sale, I saw it and just knew it was something I wanted. The colors were really nice and the straps are divine!  This was purchased from theposhwardrobe which is owned by Jen Rieta.  She has a multiply site where you could take a look at some of her other items. She’s got some really nice stuff on sale. Check it out for yourself! 🙂

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