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These past few weeks, my parents and I have become regular patrons of UCC Vienna Café along Banawe. I admit that it’s not exactly the most affordable place to dine at, but sometimes when we’re in need of some peace and quiet, it’s one of the places to be. This post will show you some of the items we’ve enjoyed…at least the ones I managed to take a photos of. :p

UCC_clubhouse sandwich photo clubhousesandwich_zpsddf618fe.jpgThe Clubhouse Sandwich: one of the most popular types of sandwiches around. I normally don’t order this type of sandwich when eating out, but decided to do so when I last visited UCC. This was worth its price tag of Php200+ because it was huge and was generously filled with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, egg mayo spread, etc. I didn’t manage to finish the entire thing and took half of the serving home for breakfast the next day.

UCC_kani shrimp sandwich photo kanishrimpsandwich_zps399f12e7.jpgDad’s favorite sandwich from this place: the Kani and Shrimp Sandwich. Toast bread filled with kani (crab sticks), shrimp and alfalfa sprouts.

UCC_katsudon photo katsudon_zpsd2434148.jpgOnce during a visit, Mom was feeling very hungry and wanted to eat something with rice. UCC Vienna Café in Banawe offer rice bowls, one of which was this Chicken Katsudon. It was served piping hot and managed to satisfy Mom’s hunger.

UCC_salmon spinach pasta photo salmonspinachpasta_zps8e610203.jpgOne other time, Dad decided to order a pasta dish. He got the Salmon and Spinach Pasta in cream sauce. You’re usually given a choice of having your pasta cream or tomato based. I’m a bigger fan of the tomato based ones; Dad always goes for the cream based ones.  I remember him enjoying this a lot, telling us that the flavors were all very mellow but still very delicious. Glad it passed Dad’s standards!

UCC_fried chicken spaghetti photo friedchickenspaghetti_zps628a8f41.jpgAnother type of pasta dish which appealed to us was UCC’s Fried Chicken Spaghetti in tomato sauce. I remember really liking this one, since I found the tanginess of the tomato sauce marry nicely with the salty bacon. The chicken chunks on top were also served VERY hot, which is a big plus, especially when one’s starving.

UCC_halo halo photo halohalo_zpse0ae1d7c.jpgIt’s summer here in Manila and the heat has been pretty nasty. Mom saw her favorite dessert on the menu and ordered it without hesitation. UCC Vienna Cafe’s Halo Halo was pretty to look at. Generous scoops of mango and ube (purple yam) ice cream, leche flan, macapuno and more purple yam sitting on top crushed ice with milk and a layer of kaong (sugar palm) at the bottom. It satisfied Mom’s desire for something sweet.

UCC_red velvet photo redvelvet_zpsba00560d.jpgMore often that not, I enjoy having my cup of joe with a slice of cake. I’m a big cake fan and would rarely say no to a slice of it. During one of my visits to UCC, I decided to sample their Red Velvet cake. My parents and I thought that the presentation was really good, even if wasn’t the most elaborate of all. What we liked most about the cake was that it was moist and very dense. It was also not too sweet. A slightly sour raspberry syrup, if I’m not mistaken, was also put on the side to add a nice touch. We managed to eat the entire slice in just a few minutes, leaving the plate spotless.

UCC_splenda tiramisu photo splendatiramisu_zps96f3b676.jpgIt’s very rare to find a cake made from Splenda here in Manila. When we saw that UCC had a tiramisu cake made from it, Dad was really happy! We order him a slice of it whenever we’re there so that he could enjoy the post-meal sweets with Mom and I. He likes this as much as the Guiltless Chocolate Desire from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

UCC_caramel macchiato photo caramelmacchiato_zps2559f41b.jpgI love ending my meals in UCC with a hot cup of coffee. In the photo above is their hot caramel macchiato, which I found to be way better than the one from a more famous chain of coffee stores. When I don’t feel like having the caramel macchiato, I like enjoying the simple café latté or UCC House Blend.


**UCC has a lot of different branch with different names. If you’re within the Banawe area, try dropping by UCC Vienna Café which is located at 690 Banawe Street, Bgy Sienna, Quezon City. They also have free wifi for those who always want to stay connected.


Had the chance to visit Mitsuyado Sei-Men last Sunday afternoon with The Boyfriend before meeting up with his family. I’ve read about this Japanese restaurant in different blogs before, but only had the time to drop by their place that day.

It took us a couple of minutes to get a seat since the place was packed even if it was already past 1 P.M. when we arrived at the place. We were able to choose the stuff we wanted to try from the menu while we were waiting.

Mitsuyado Sei Men_katsudon photo MistuyadoSei-Men_katsudon_zps520e4ad0.jpgThe Boyfriend decided to order a serving of Katsudon. It doesn’t look like much, but The Boyfriend said that it was very filling. His verdict? Pretty ordinary versus other restaurants’ version.

Mitsuyado Sei Men_double cheese tsukemen photo MitsuyadoSei-Men_doublecheese_zpsa6890e07.jpgI decided to go with a regular sized serving of their famous Double Cheese Tsuke-men. It’s called double cheese because you have a bowl of melted cheese to use and also some Parmesan on top of the actual noodles. You first mix the melted cheese with your noodles, dip them into the broth and then eat. This was a very interesting dish and I’m glad I decided to go with this one. It honestly tasted a bit weird at first, but I was able to appreciate the flavors after some time. 🙂 

It was a pleasant dining experience. I liked how the place was decorated to look like an old Japanese place; complete with a noodle cart table on one side. It was really cool. 🙂 I only learned recently that this restaurant is managed by the same team who runs UCC, so I’ll make it a point to try the desserts at Mitsuyado Sei-Men next time. 🙂

If there was anything which we found strange that afternoon, it was having the restaurant’s security guards ask us Php40.00 fee for parking right outside the place. We received no receipts whatsoever and The Boyfriend doesn’t recall paying for parking when he visited the restaurant before. Because we were in a rush to go to another place, we no longer argued with the guards and simply left after getting our car.

I’m just curious: Has this has happened to anyone else or has a new Pay Parking system been established in that area? I wonder if Mitsuyado Sei-Men’s management is aware of this? We have a strong feeling we might have been duped, but just hope it won’t happen again. We don’t mind paying parking fees if they’re legit anyway.

**Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located along Jupiter Street in Makati City. You may visit their official Facebook page by clicking here.

Hi everyone! How’s 2013 been treating you? I’ve been going through a bit of difficulty when my left ankle became swollen last week due to an (unknown) insect bite. None of the professionals could determine what bit me, but everyone was pretty sure that the swelling was due to an allergic reaction to the bite. Thus, since I’ve been pretty much confined to working from home with my foot up, I haven’t been able to explore new dining establishments with my family or friends. Thankfully, when I woke up this morning, the swelling seems to have started to let up. This is after my visit to another doctor yesterday, where he decided to administer painful massage and have my ankle wrapped in bandages for an entire day. Here’s to hoping I get back to walking around without any worries and pain soon!  🙂

Anyhoo, let me leave you with some random photos from my past few weeks. Most of these were taken prior to the swollen ankle:

UCC_mango cake

Shared this mini Mango Cake with Dulz and The Boyfriend when we met up for lunch then coffee at UCC.

Hawk Eagle

Saw this little fella at the zoo inside the Island Cove Resort in Cavite.

Hawk Eagle 1

Strike a pose!

Baby Louis

Some of my high school friends and I also took some time off to visit My Best Friend’s little bundle of joy, Louis! We’re looking forward to spending time with him again when he’s in Manila for the Chinese New Year. ♥ 

That’s it for today. I’ll make sure to prepare something blog-worthy for you guys again soon! 🙂

I had another chance to drop by UCC a couple of days ago when my brother said he wanted to try the kori kohi coffee. We were at Greenbelt 5 with our parents and after walking around the mall a couple of times, we decided to have our afternoon snack there. (I’m glad I didn’t give in to my laziness and leave the camera at home; otherwise, I won’t have any decent looking photos for this post again. :p I should really make sure I bring it with me more often, even if I do have to lug it around all over the place. :D)

UCC_seafood saladDad was still feeling a bit hungry since he wasn’t satisfied with what he ate during lunch, so he decided to order the Seafood Salad (approx. Php350). He gave most of the ebi fry and fried fish to us, but he enjoyed munching on the greens. It was also a good thing that the sauce wasn’t too sweet, or else he wouldn’t have been able to use it at all.

UCC_iced cafe latteHe also ordered the Iced Cafe Latte (Php125) for his drink. He said that it was quite good.

UCC_mocha coolerMom wasn’t feeling too hungry so she just opted to get herself the Mocha Cooler (Php140). She said that it was delicious, but that the serving was quite small. She wanted to have more. 🙂

UCC_cappuccino toblerone mousseAhya and I felt like eating some pastries, so he chose the Toblerone Cappuccino Mousse (Php175)…

UCC_oreo coffee mousseand I chose the Oreo Coffee Mousse (Php195). Both were delicious! We split the goodies between the two of us, with Mom taking a small forkful from each so that she can try them out as well.

UCC_iced yin yan chaMy beverage of choice that afternoon was the Iced Yin Yan Cha (Php189). I was curious because I’ve never tried it out before, and since I already had coffee that morning, I wanted to change things a bit. This drink was actually quite nice and refreshing. Once I reached the bottom half of the glass, I suddenly found slightly bitter. I had to use a bit of the syrup that went with Ahya’s drink and then mix it in with mine. It tasted a lot better afterwards. 🙂

UCC_kori kohi coffeeHere’s a photo of my brother’s drink and the main reason why we all trooped to UCC: the Kori Kohi Coffee (Php195). Personally, I found it to be the most interesting thing on our table that afternoon.

UCC_kori kohi coffee collageThe kori kohi coffee is a glass filled with frozen brewed coffee ice cubes. You have to pour the warm milk over the cubes to melt them, and then when they’ve been mixed, it’s time for you to drink it! 🙂 Ahya seemed to enjoy it since I didn’t hear any negative comments about it.

I liked that particular afternoon because it was a chance for the four of us to bond with each other. It would have been nice if we stayed there a bit longer, but Mom said that we were supposed to head home soon after we settled the bill. I definitely hope we can do it again one of these days…with Dhya/Pointyman and The Boyfriend joining the group! 🙂

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